GoStream LLC

GoStream LLC operates mostly in Estonia and specializes in retail distribution of domestic appliances via e-commerce brand called Nordelectronics. The company was founded in 2012 and is based on Estonian capital.

GoStream LLC Net Turnover (Thousand EUR)

2013 – 55.6

2014 – 203.7 (266% increase of revenue)

2015 – 297.7 (46% increase of revenue)

2016 – 376.7 (26% increase of revenue)


Nordelectronics is a domestic appliance e-shop. While we emphasise on clean and minimalistic design, the main focus is to provide our customers with an informative and user-friendly shopping experience. No pop-ups and misleading advertising as we value professionalism and honest approach. Although this makes finding new customers somewhat difficult, we are seeing a very high percentage of recurring customers. In 2015 Nordelectronics was nominated for Estonias most user friendly domestic appliance e-shop and ended up in the final 3.


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Kadaka tee 44A, Tallinn, Estonia

(+372) 58 600 397


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